Australian Slang
n 1. (obsolete) five-pound note; £5;
2. five dollar note; five dollars; $5;
3. anything that counts as five
Everyday English Slang in Ireland
n 5 pound note

English dialects glossary. 2013.

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  • Fiver — may be:* A common slang term for: **A British five pound note **A five Euro banknote **A United States five dollar bill **An Australian 5 dollar note * Fiver (Watership Down), a fictional rabbit in the Richard Adams novel Watership Down * Fiver… …   Wikipedia

  • fiver — UK US /ˈfaɪvər/ noun [C] UK INFORMAL MONEY ► five pounds, or a note worth five pounds: »They sell a range of wines all for less than a fiver. → See also TENNER(Cf. ↑tenner) …   Financial and business terms

  • fiver — 1843, “five pound note,” from FIVE (Cf. five) + er …   Etymology dictionary

  • fiver — ► NOUN 1) Brit. informal a five pound note. 2) N. Amer. a five dollar bill …   English terms dictionary

  • fiver — [fīv′ər] n. Informal ☆ 1. a five dollar bill 2. Brit. a five pound note …   English World dictionary

  • fiver — (FY.vur) n. A person who donates five percent of their income to charity and/or spends five hours per week doing volunteer work. Example Citation: Those who give five percent of their income or volunteer five hours per week should be our models.… …   New words

  • fiver — noun a) A banknote with a value of five units of currency. , Do you have a fiver I could borrow? I can pay you back tomorrow. b) By extension: the value in money that this represents. , I bought the chocolates; they were only a fiver …   Wiktionary

  • fiver — [[t]fa͟ɪvə(r)[/t]] fivers 1) N COUNT A fiver is a five pound note. [BRIT, INFORMAL] 2) N COUNT A fiver is a five dollar bill. [AM, INFORMAL] …   English dictionary

  • fiver — UK [ˈfaɪvə(r)] / US [ˈfaɪvər] noun [countable] Word forms fiver : singular fiver plural fivers informal 1) British a five pound note 2) American a five dollar bill …   English dictionary

  • fiver — [“faiva* ] n. a five dollar bill. (See also tenner.) □ This thing only cost me a fiver. □ Give him a fiver, and let’s get outa here …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • fiver — fiv|er [ˈfaıvə US ər] n BrE informal a piece of paper money worth five pounds ▪ Lend me a fiver, mate? …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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